Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jenny Hiloudaki Biography

Jenny Hiloudaki, (Greek: Τζένη Χειλουδάκη, born John Hiloudakis, February 21, 1968) is a transgender Greek model.

Hiloudaki was born in Sitia on the Greek island of Crete. As a young boy, Jenny's original name was John, in honour of her deceased father who drowned at sea while trying to rescue a woman. At an early age, Jenny decided that she wanted to be female. She was able to obtain female hormones at the age of 13, which prevented her from experiencing puberty as a male. John chose the name Jenny to honour her sister, Eugenia, who hosted and aided their family when they moved to Athens.

Jenny went on to complete sex reassignment surgery at the age of 20, becoming one of the top models in Greece. Her high profile brought about scandal and gossip.

During that time she also published her book Οι Άγγελοι Δεν Έχουν Φύλο (The Angels Have No Gender), which was also released as a comic book called JennyX.

She was Greek Woman of the Year in 2000.

In 2005, she owned residences in Athens, Rhodes and Crete, where she ran a traditional tavern.

A year later, Jenny spoke with reporter Tatiana Stefanidou and complained that Sitians were accusing her of working as a prostitute and organising sexual orgies. They boycotted her restaurant, trying to drive her out of business. Jenny denied doing such things and claimed that the rumours were started out of prejudice; patrons of her cafe complained about even such minor things as the ambient music. Jenny also claimed that many rumours were started by a lesbian student who was attracted to Jenny and who decided to exact her revenge upon discovering that the feeling was not mutual.

Her 1997 affair with District Attorney George Sakelaropoulos, who met her while trying to close her brothel in Rhodes, was quite notable. The affair is the only relationship of Hiloudaki that has been followed closely by the media. Greek society was shocked until the couple broke up and Sakelaropoulos returned to his previous family.

She lives with her two cats — a Siamese named Leo, a Turkish Angora named Snow White — and a bird named Kitsos. In her spare time, she enjoys collecting antiques and Swatch watches.


bibi4nl said...

Agapi mou Jenny!

You look great! Fantastic as always you were.
I met you up in 1984 in Athens. We were together to " Kalistia 84" you don't remember? I am Fridda.
Well we continue this lovely battle what God gave us , wonderful that we are.
Polla Filakia
Fridda from Argentini
I m living in Amsterdam-Holland Ollandia.

bibi4nl said...

Ma cherie Jenny!

You look fantastic! you always did. I met you up
in 1984 in Athens. We are together to the "Kalistia 84"
I am Fridda.well many years since then but we are still
in this battle of our beautiful life.
Palla Filakia

Fridda From Argentine